BlackBook Magazine

In May 2012 I started contributing a post a day to the BlackBlook Magazine. Everything is about food and ranges from my 1% birthday bash to eating in Atlanta wie von youtube musik downloaden. Here are some the highlights from my year of working there.

24 Hours in Tel Aviv

New Food in an Old Jerusalem Neighborhood

NYC Ballet Wins by Choosing FAILE

Pinch Food Me, I’m Dreaming

Getting to Know Cruise Food With John Suley

Austrian in the City: Q & A With Third Man’s Edi Frauneder

A Damn Good Reason to Go to Princeton: Dining at Elements

Drink Like the Gangs of New York

Drinks on the Move: Chatting With The Ladies of Speed Rack

Brisket Boom

Opulent Breakfast, Now Served at the Russian Tea Room

Korean Food With a Vintage Twist

Delmonico’s Dresses Down to Spread Its Reign: Q&A With Owner Dennis Turcinovic

Is Guy’s American Kitchen Really That Bad download baby songs for free?

The Renaissance Men of Spanish Cuisine Come Together

Q&A With Alton Brown

Food Films Feed Friends and Family: Q&A With George Motz

Drinking in L.A.: How to Do It In 24 Hours

The Selby is On Your Plate: Q&A With Todd Selby

From East to West, Baco Mercat is Worth the Trek

The Brothers Sussman

Sleep No More Moves Up to the Roof With Gallow Green

A Little Jewish Deli For Everyone: Q&A With Mile End’s Noah Bernamoff

Consider More Than the Oyster: Maison Premiere

Graphic Cooking: Q&A With Amanda Cohen

Drinking in the Theater: TinyRhino, a Boozy Performance

Deli Ramen and Brooklyn: Q&A With Josh Kaplan of Dassara

Marcus Does Tea

Last Man Standing, How Gwynnett St adobe flash player voor ipad downloaden. Beat the Odds

Do or Dine’s Justin Warner Wins Food Network Star

Eating Beirut: Q&A With Author Salma Abdelnour

Bye Bye Foie Gras: Good for Ducks, Bad for Foodies

Yes Chef’: Marcus Samuelsson’s Memoir

Hipster Brunch Grows Up: Q&A With George Weld

Positive Thinker Ford Fry Opens the Optimist in Atlanta

Justin Warner Does TV

Chris Cosentino Doesn’t Give a Damn About His Offal Reputation

Mission Accomplished: Danny Bowien’s Latest Resto

Blow Outs and Blow Jobs: Alyssa Shelasky’s New Book

Atlanta Rising: Redefining Southern Food

Occupy My Birthday: How to Eat Like the 1%