New York Press

NOTE: Looks like all the links from the New York Press have been terminated. I am working to get PDFs of what copies I do have in print.

Originally I started at the New York Press as an intern in the summer of 2007 doing arts and culture blogging. Eventually I moved up to the print paper writing art, theater, and film reviews. Up until it folded in August 2011, I worked as one of their main restaurant and bar critics.

Restaurant and Bar Reviews:

Feature Stories:

  • The Skate Guru (Feature on the godfather of rollerskating in NYC)
  • Ok Go K! (Feature on K! Pizzacone; New York Press; 4/14/2010)
  • Flesh Mob (Cover story on the changing face of meat; New York Press; 1/13/2010)
  • Greenlight Go (Feature on Fort Greene’s newest bookstore; New York Press; 10/21/2009)
  • Dawn of the Bread (How a headstone shop in Brooklyn started selling bread; New York Press; 08/19/2009)
  • Hey Joe! (Iced coffee, how it’s made and why it’s so expensive; New York Press; 07/28/2009)
  • Die, Die My Darling (Feature on “Who Killed Amanda Palmer” by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer; New York Press; 07/09/2009)
  • A Thousand Shark’s Teeth (Review of My Brightest Diamond; New York Press;  06/11/2009)
  • Hello, Boobies (How soy effects men; New York Press; 06/10/2009)
  • ‘Brightest’ Star (Profile on Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond; Brooklyn Paper; 03/29/2009)
  • Whip Smart (Feature on BDSM documentary; New York Press; 02/25/2009)
  • Escalating the Cold War (Frozen yogurt takes over the city; New York Press;  10/30/2008)
  • Slaves of New York (Feature on Slavic Soul Party; New York Press; 07/30/2008)

Play, Film, and Performance Reviews:

Event Coverage: